A Quilt Show and Yarn Update

Quilting Show Yarn

Hello my lovely yarny, crafty friends!

Its been so SO long since we have had a little chit-chat. I'm afraid my website had an invasion of gremlins who thought it pure delight to play havoc with my website. It took me a while to round them up and boot them out. If you are reading this post then it means I have triumphed!

Its that time again, we are about to come to the end of our first week of Advent. Some of you already have our Christmas decorations up, in our home we like to wait until mid-Decembe as we keep them up until Epiphany which is the 6th of January. I find if we decorate any earlier than mid-December the decorations sparkly lustre begins to fade for me. I think it must be my need for order and routine that does it for me.

Since it's been a little while since we had a chat lets settle down together with a nice cup of tea - or coffee if you prefer - and catch up!

Our youngest daughter moved out into her very first flat in Manchester in September. She is cabin crew for a large European airline and needed to live closer to the airport. I'm pleased to say that she is loving her new place.

I am contemplating doing a bit of a switch-a-roo and putting her bed into the room we are currently using as an office and making her room - which is much larger - into an office/studio.

We have a sweet little summer house which was supposed to be the studio but it's so cold in the winter that I don't really like going out there. I have discussed this with her and she's all for it. It would be quite a lot of work as I would want to re-decorate the office to be a lovely guest room for her and whoever comes to stay and of course make my studio a little piece of crafty heaven!

My little yarn business is growing nicely and I think that the extra room to process and store my yarn would be useful, plus I'd quite like to make a little cozy corner where I can record my podcast episodes. I think this could be a project for the new year!

A Visit To A Quilt Show

I was blessed to attend the Quilt show in Birmingham this year with my dear friend Jenny. She won two tickets to the show, and I was thrilled that she asked me to go with her.

Lady standing in front of a quilt of wings

We left  left early Friday morning in August and drove down to Birmingham together. The drive is half that fun as we had a good old chinwag putting the world to rights and generally catching up.

The quilt show was just as I thought it would be. Inspirational, beautiful and fueled with so many wonderful products, examples of gorgeous handiworks from so many talented individuals. 
The show was not actually that crowded either which was really nice. I'm not one for huge crowds but this was really pleasant, and I did not feel rushed or squashed even once.
Walking around the show made me feel so happy and inspired. The past few years have been ridiculously busy as I try to balance my studies and all the other commitments that one has in life that a lot of my sewing, embroidery and knitting has taken a back seat. 
I still don't have a huge amount of time as I enter my final year of studies and I'm spending every spare minute on my yarn business, but it was nice to be surrounded by all that loveliness.
I must confess I am looking forward to the day that my studies will be done, and my life can return to some form of normality.

Yarn Shop Update

I listed this beautiful Halloween colourway in my shop and it has sold out within hours! It brings me so much joy that people love my yarn enough to purchase it I can honeslty say that after dyeing yarn for 7 years I still get excited when I'm notified of a sale!  
I have restocked Punky Night and again...it sold like hot cakes. I currently have one left so if you are looking to add this skein to your stash then hop on over to the shop (tab at the top of the page) and get it now.
There are a few other new autumnal colourways in the shop right now:
Apple Crisp in Autumn...
...and Sunset over 100-Acre Wood
I have two Christmas colourways in the shop right now and there are more festive offerings to come so please do have a look.
We have 3 skeins of Hedgerow Holly - I've already sold a few so this won't be around for long...
and we have Christmas Baubles which is dyed on our sparkly silver sock base...
Anyhoo lovelies, It's been so lovely to catch up with you. Subscribers will be getting December's newsletter in your email box later on this week with some exclusive subscriber discounts so if you have not signed up for that already then please do! Just add your email address to the subscriber box on the Home Page.

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