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Earlier this year, I did a little garden tour. Sitting in our garden is my daughters studio. It's a sweet little wooden structure painted sage green, adorned with bunting and has pots of geraniums flanking the double doors.

It sits just behind the pond where birds bathe in the summer, and the sound of the water cascading down the rocks and back into the pond become the background song to her days as she paints and creates.

Someone asked to have a peek inside so here it is, a little tour of my daughters studio. (You can visit her Etsy Shop Here)

Inside we have not yet got round to finishing it off. Instead the warm pine wood forms the backdrop for her work...

She is incredibly talented. Her love of illustrtion was nutured through our homeschooling years where I encouraged my children to keep a nature journal.

It's wonderful to see our children's talents grow isn't it? Little did I know when we embarked on our homeschooling journey that our nature study lessons would have such an impact on her future.

And that's the wonderful thing about raising children, the things we encourage and nuture can end up being something that shapes their career choices!

At the moment her inspiration is drawn from the season as is typical of an artist who has such a strong connection with nature.

She spent hours doing a pumpkin study in watercolour which she has turned into prints and lovely planner stickers which are just BEAUTIFUL!

We have been discussing how she can turn her work into a little business. I'm no expert but I encouraged her to open up her own Etsy Shop which she has now done. I think she should find craft markets to attend with her things, in fact, I've suggested that she displays a few of her things at my stand at the next yarn show I attend. 

It's really hard trying to grow a creative business these days in a market that is so busy. There is so much talent out there! It can be overwhelming to know just where to start.

But when you step inside her studio, it's calming, peaceful and quite, quite, beautiful!

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  • Sandra on

    Dear Shirley, I’m finally catching up with you over here, such a beautiful and peaceful place to visit 😊. Your daughter’s creative zone reminds me of my fiftieth birthday shed that was going to be my little space in the old house, sadly it was left behind in the move. I do now have a substantial brick built building which used to be the previous owner’s snooker den! However I also share this space with a large fridge and freezer, a tumble drier, things awaiting to be given away of freegle and a tumble drier 🤪. Her cosy and creative space made me smile from ear to ear!

    I wholeheartedly agree with you regarding blogging, Instagram and Face Ache!! All of those platforms are big on advertisements and folk purporting to give knowledge away for free and then once they’ve hooked someone in or grown their following, they then begin with the sales technique. I know folk have to make a living but the constant ads and trying to beat the algorithm drives me nuts.

    Sending hugs to you Shirley on the last Sunday of the churches year and the start of Advent, love San xx

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