Autumn Delights


It's official! Autumn is here and we can rejoice in falling leaves, pumpkin spice latte's and wearing whatever knitwear we want.

Well... perhaps we still have a few weeks to go before we can put on our knitwear and not have to shed it off two hours later because we are melting!

While we wait for those frosty mornings to kick in, I'm quite keen on getting into the autumn spirit by genlty observing the changes that can be seen in nature, which promises all sorts of seasonal wonders.

Like apples! We planted a little apple tree in our garden in 2022. It yielded 1 whole apple that year but this year we have had significantly more and they are delicious! 

As the apples ripen I quite enjoy making lots of apple sauce. I turn these apples into apple sauce, apple muffins, and of course baking some lovely apple pies and apple crumble throughout the season.

Now my apple tree has not yielded nearly enough apples for these lovely seasonal bakes but I have found an apple tree growing in the hedgrow nearby and it has plenty to supplement my own growing efforts. 

Don't you just love gathering food from the hedgerows or visiting a pick-your-own farm? I do, although I really only gather apples, blackberries, and I have found a pear tree in the field next to our church which I quite like to visit!

As is my custom each autumn equinox, I like to add little autumnal touches to my home. Mostly this consists of pumpkin or apple spice candles and homepun things I have stitched, knitted or sewn over the years.

Do you like to add autumnal touches to your home? I think it helps create that haven, an oasis away from the the craziness of the world. I love to come home, light the candles each evening, especially with the day's growing shorter and colder. 

Of course, once those temperatures begin to dip and the cold sets it's icy tendrals creeping into our homes, I love to light a wood fire and watch the flames dance behind the glass as the heat chases the cold away.

Autumn truly is my favourite season! My husband feels slightly differently but that is because he gets to deal with the autumnal leaves that litter the garden each fall.

Well lovelies, I have lots of yarn which needs to go into the shop. I can't wait to show you the new autumn and halloween yarns and seasonl stitchmarkers. I'm hoping to get a chance to take photographs this week for the shop. It's getting trickier to do now with the weather being a bit stormy. 

I'll be sure to send out a newsletter with the update and of course give a little heads-up on IG. 

I hope you have a fantastic start to your week and I shall see you back here very soon.

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