Changing Seasons

Less than two months to go...

Until I hand in my final assignment for my law degree. I cant quite believe that 5 years has passed since I began my degree and this season is now drawing to a close.

When I enrolled on my law degree my youngest was just graduating from our homeschool and I was unsure as to what was next for me. So enrolled on a law degree - mainly because I had never been to university and I really wanted to achieve a degree. I chose law because I had taught my daughter A-level law and really quite enjoyed it.

Then it seemed to take on a life of its own. I was achieving high grades so I thought that I would work towards a career as a barrister. I got a job in a law firm for legal work experience, completed a couple of work experience weeks with a few barristers chambers and finally, in December last year, I even managed to secure a place on the Bar Practice Course commencing September 2023.

It was this final achievment that caused me to pause. Was this really what I wanted? Did I want to work an hour away from home, never knowing what time I would get home because having your life dictated by what cases come in at the last minute disrupting any plans with your family is par for the course in that job.

The answer is a resounding no! Its not who I am. I'm pleased with what I have achieved academically but I had no peace at all about taking the next step in my legal training.

Mrs Tiggy-Winkle

The instant relief I felt after making that decision was immense.

And then a rather fortuitous thing happened. Last year I had been asked by a casual aquaintance if I would bring my yarns to her craft group and give a little talk. At the time I happily agreed...on the day I felt sick to my stomach, why do I agree to do these things!

But my darling husband came along with me and helped me set out my yarns. The craft group was bigger than I had imagined and the knot in my stomach tightened - how on earth I thought being a barrister was a good idea I have no idea as public speaking is your primary tool!

Once I started talking about yarn and answering questions my nerves disappeared. In fact, it was wonderful to be chatting about yarn and crafty people are just so lovely aren't they?

After a few days of digesting and pondering on this successful evening I knew what I wanted to do, what direction to take. And so I've done it...

I finish work at my law firm just after Easter and will then be working full time on my yarn business and my freelance writing. My business minded husband sat down with me and complied a full business plan and budget for the next year and he will be taking charge of the business side of things (and attending shows with me) so that I can take care of the creative side of things.

I've applied to show my yarn at three yarns shows this year - I've secured one show already and am hoping that that I get places at the other two which are quite popular so there is a selection process to pass - fingers crossed!

Its all a bit scary but also so excitng! I have all sorts of plans and it will be lovely to truly have the time to work on my ideas and do what I love doing most...creating.

Anyhoo lovelies, it;s been wonderful to fill you in on my news. I have a few projects on the needles but I'll save those for another post. Wishing you all a beautiful and creative yarn-filled week.

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  • Jenny on

    Yay! Right decision!

  • So Proud Of You, That Is A Massive Step In The Right Direction . Well Done!!!!! Love Your Posts And Yarn.😊🧶 on

    A huge step in the right direction – you are very talented !!!

  • Sue on

    How very exciting! Congratulations.

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