Keeping a Knitting and Stitching Notebook


About 8 years ago I started keeping a knitting andstitching notebook. I love Ravelry and the ability to keep a record of projects I've made however, being a pen and paper kind of girl and having alovel for journals and notebooks, I decided that in addition to Ravelry I would keep a physical notebook too.

I chose a spiral-bound notebook because the lie flat when opened or you can bend them right back on themselves which is great when you have loads of threads, needles, patterns and yarn lying about.

When I first started this particular notebook I intended for it to be only for cross stitch. I have a Pinterest board full of little cross stitch charts which will obviously never get stitched unless they are off the screen and in hard copy in front of me! So I printed off my favourtie charts and pasted them into the notebook.

Then one day I was knitting and crocheting some Christmas gifts. I wanted to remember what I had knitted, for whom, what yarn I had used and the yarn details.

Now as I mentioned earlier, I was doing this on Ravelry but you can't pin a sample  of the yarn or paste the yarn label in Ravelry can you? I can link the yarn to a project in Ravelry but I like to have the yarn label with all the information at hand and I like to be able to feel the yarn.

For each project I noted down the following information:

* Name of the project

* Who I was knitting it for.

* Needle size and yarn

*What size I was knitting and any adjustments I made

I then stuck the yarn label onto the page and wound a little of the yarn on a bit of card, punching a hole in the yarn sample card and attaching it to the spiral.

Once the project is complete I then photographed the finished garment or item and pasted that into the notebook.

I use this same notebook when dyeing up yarn - it has my recipes and knitted samples although I confess to not having knit up samples of all my yarns - I think that may need to be a 2023 goal.

This notebook makes a great little keepsake and there is something quite lovely about flipping through it's pages seeing photographs of things I made years ago and touching the little swatches of yarn. I'm quite a sentimental person so keeping this notebook has become a bit of a labour of love. So many memories cherished between it's pages.

Perhaps 2023 could be the year you start your own knitting and stitching notebook - it certainly is a different take on journaling and memory keeping!

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