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Hello lovelies! I hope that you are enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend. We've been enjoying a sunshine and showers kind of day. We've managed to have lunch outdoors and spend a bit of time in the garden which is looking lovely at the moment.

I do love this time of year. The garden seems to change on a daily basis. At the back end of last week my rambling rose had loads of tightly closed flowers, and now look! They are starting to blossom and looking incredible!

I've been working hard at adding some new products to my shop. I want to offer products that add a bit of uniqueness and fun to your knitting days. 

So I've started making project bags again. I will be experiementing with various different patterns and techniques in the coming months.

Project Bags

This week I have added a few Bumblebee Project Bags to the shop.

They are so sweet. In fact, I've kept one for my summer knitting!

Grab Your Bumble Bee Project Bag and Needle Cozy

These are my regular zipped, boxed bottom project bags which are perfect for those smaller projects. Each project bag has a little bumble bee charm attached to the zipper and comes with a matching DPN needle cozie.

They are lined with this beautiful vintage Laura Ashly cotton fabric. I love this pop of green in contrast to the more laid back vibe of the bumble bees.

Next up...

Notion Tins

I don't know about you but I love a good little notion tin. I've had one of these in my knitting project bag for years. I keep my darning needles, stitch markers and progress keepers inside.

There's nothing worse than needing a stitch marker and having to scrabble about for one in the depths of your knitting project bag. I have to do that on a daily basis in my handbag so I'd like to keep my relaxing knitting time free of frustating scrabbling!

Grab Your Notion Tin Before They Are Gone!

Now the thing is, I need more tins! I would like to have a tin for my embroidery projects and for my cross stitch projects. But I haven't been able to find any cute tins anywhere. 

Until I found these really very cute Emma Ball tins. I fell in love with them and so I bought a whole lot extra to pop in my shop. They are £3.50 each and there is a choice of 6 different illustrations. I can't actually choose which is my favourite illustration. Can you?

Knitted Dishcloths

Now, I'm sure that I have told you this before but I LOVE and only use knitted dishcloths. I have used knitted dischloths for years and I will never go back to using cheap, disposable, flimsy dishcloths.

What I love about the knitted cotton ones are that they are eco-friendly. I simply throw them into the washing machine every few days and they are good to go again. This means that they last for years (literally) and because they are washed regularly, they are nice and hygenic. 

Grab a couple of dishcloths!

I think that these would make a great gift for someone who values eco-friendly products and tries to live a little more sustainably. You could add a nice bar of hand made soap or perhaps fill up a pretty decanter with dish wash liquid.

Can you tell that my mind is already turning towards thinking of Christmas gifts?

I like to start my Christmas gift making and buying in June. This means that I will have loads of time to make gifts for those friends who appreciate home made gifts and it spreads the cost with is especially useful with us all feeling the pinch with the raised cost of living we are all having to navigate.

My plan is to just keep adding dishcloths in a varity of colours. 

Yarn Update

I have some more yarns in the store. Now very happily, I have managed to re-create this yarn! It's taken a loooooong time!

But here it is... Fireside Stories

Buy Fireside Stories

Other additions working from top let clockwise...

  • Something Told The Wild Geese (top left)
  • Fireside Stories
  • Bonfire Night
  • Summer Meadow Flowers
  • Wilfred's Birthday Picnic
  • The Magic Faraway Tree

This week I am planning to record the next episode of my podcast. Thank you to all my new subscribers to my Youtube Channel and to my email list. I'm so grateful for the support. It brings my dream to buidling a crafty business just that one little step closer. So please know that I truly appreciate every single subscriber!

Have a wonderful week everyone.

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