Views from the Hayloft
Views from the Hayloft
Views from the Hayloft
Views from the Hayloft
Views from the Hayloft
Views from the Hayloft
Views from the Hayloft
Views from the Hayloft
Views from the Hayloft
Views from the Hayloft
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Views from the Hayloft

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Hand Dyed Yarn Inspiration:

This is another yarn inspired by some of the poetry we enjoyed during our homeschooling days. The Poem is from Robert Louise Stevenson and its called 'The Hayloft'.

Robert Louise Stevenson's use of language instantly transports you to a time and place that not only seemed simpler but sets us in a scene that seems idyllic and magical. I quite enjoy looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses, I like it much better that way! This poem takes us to a time when grass meadows were harvested by scythes. From our view in the hayloft we watch the harvesters sweeping with their scythes back and forth, back and forth.

We are lulled into a pleasant drowziness as we are warmed by the sun and we watch the rythmic movements of the harvesters. The air is filled with the sweetly smeeling scent of freshly mown grass and we are still basking in the innocence and freedom of childhood.

Now isn't that a place you would like to escape to for just a little while?

The Hayloft by Robert Louise Stevenson

Through all the pleasant meadow-side
The grass grew shoulder-high,
Till the shining scythes went far and wide
And cut it down to dry.

These green and sweetly smelling crops
They led in waggons home;
And they piled them high in mountain tops
For mountaineers to roam.

Here is Mount Clear, Mount Rusty-Nail,
Mount Eagle and Mount High -
The mice that in these mountains dwell,
No happier are than I!

O what a joy to clamber there,
O what a place for play,
With the sweet, the dim, the dusty air,
The happy hills of hay

DK Yarn Details:

80% Superwash Merino

20% Nylon

High Twist for great stitch definiation

100g - 243m

Fingering Weight Yarn Details:

75% Superwash Merino

25% Nylon

100g - 425m

My yarn bases come from a local supplier that prides itself in sourcing its fibre from reliable suppliers with best practices with regard to animal husbandry and the environment, something that is very important to me.

I use acid dyes unless otherwise stated. Disclaimer: I wash all my yarn with wool wash which may aggravate skins that are sensitive to such products. Darker colours may run, bleed or transfer and although I take every precaution to ensure colour fastness I cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by colour transfer or bleeding in a wash.

Please ensure to follow the recommended washing instructions below. Washing Instructions: Cool Hand Wash recommended. Wash separately Follow me on Instagram for regular yarn updates @underan_englishsky

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