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Happy New Year Everyone!

Don't you just love the feeling that you get as you stand at the beginning of a new year with the road ahead stretching before you full of promise?

I get a similar feeling when I open a brand new journal, each page ready and waiting for the smooth gliding of ink on paper. Thoughts, dreams, musings, ponderings poured out and captured, ready for you to go back months or years later to read and remember.

Of course, none of us know what the future holds and right now the future looks uncertain. I know here in the UK a lot of people are worried about their energy bills, the cost of living, the endless strikes...there's a lot to deal with right now!

12 years ago my family and I left our home in South Africa and immigrated to the UK. The situation in South Africa is and has been for a very long time, in a constant state of change. We lived in a constant energy crisis that nobody here would believe is possible in this modern world not to mention lived with major safety issues - none of this has changed. It makes you resiliant.

I guess that's why I'm not panicking, we just simply make the adjustments we need to make and move forward because that is what we had to do ALL.THE.TIME in South Africa. 

I also refuse to allow my peace to be stolen by the doom and gloom that the media seems to want us all to wallow in.

These days I don't watch the news because it's not news. Its drama that they feel they have to feed us to keep us terrified. I listen to the matter-of-fact news readers on the radio as I drive to and from work.

I choose to look at the world through a different lens than the one the media dictates and I'm looking foward to all the possibilities that 2023 holds. My 2023 looks like it's going to be filled with creativity and the joy that comes from making something with my hands. Its going to be filled with colour, beauty, love, sharing and appreciation of what we have in the moment.

 I have decided that 2023 is going to be a creative year. Its the year I'm going to knit more, craft more, paint more, take more countryside walks, bake more, make all those inspirational things that I've been pinning to Pinterest boards for years!

Its also the year that I finish my law degree and graduate. It's been 5 long years and I've enjoyed learning about the law but I'm ready to put it behind me and embrace all the things that I've left behind in order to study. 

Its the year that I hope to make a serious go of my yarn business and turn it into my full-time work. 

2023 is going to be the year that I get back to basics, back to simplicty, back to focusing on and making time for what is important to me.

What is 2023 going to hold for you I wonder? What do you want to do more of ... and less of this year? 

Why not join me in making 2023 a year of considered creativity. Learn something new that you've always wanted to do. Perhaps its pottery, or embroidery, or how to paint. Do something that brings you joy and peace, something just for you!

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  • Candis on

    I also want to get back to a simple life. Taking time for my knitting, and crocheting ~ and doing the things I love to do as a homemaker. Joining you in making 2023 a year of considered creativity. May the Lord bless you and keep you!

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